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Hi, I’m Matt Edwards.

I have spent the majority of my career as a highly versatile project/account manager in a top branding agency, not only scoping, costing, sourcing and managing people and projects, but conceptualising, developing and writing content and copy and, in many cases, delivering final project elements.

I have developed a holistic set of skills to handle a range of different projects and I am a specialist in the creation of insightful, targeted content that speaks to the new generation of online consumer. I am a copywriter, strategist, project manager, social media expert, website developer and, perhaps most importantly, a denizen of the digital realm. My intrinsic knowledge of the digital space allows me to develop content that is meaningful and unpretentious, ensuring that you’re talking to your audience in their language!

Copywriting and Content Development

When it comes to the written word, I’m obsessed.

I have a fervent hunger to consume and create written copy. With a head for strategy and a heart for creative development, I write from a place of insight and authenticity, to create copy that means something.

I’ve worked on copy for a diverse range of media projects, giving me the flexibility to write on any topic, in any tone, tense or style.

Whether website content, blog or social media posts, press releases, articles, scripts, advertorials, brochure, booklet copy or whatever else you require, I do it all.

Website Development

In the digital age a business without a website is doomed to obscurity!

Your business simply cannot afford to be without an online presence. I build gorgeous, custom-designed WordPress websites that ensure you can compete with the best. Whether it’s a simple 1-page web presence or a robust, multi-functional online portal, I will help you take your business to the next level and tap into an endless client base!

Social Media

I’ve been trawling the trenches of Twitter since it’s inception. I’m fluent in Facebook. I hashtag like a #boss on Instagram. When it comes to Google+… well the less said about Google+, the better.

The world of social media is daunting. Companies feel that if they aren’t on every social network available, they’re not connecting with the youth.

I’m here to help you navigate this treacherous landscape, develop your social media strategy and presence, assist with planning and implementing social media-led campaigns, create content, write posts and ensure you’re getting the most out of this robust medium.

I like to tackle projects holistically, meaning that I can plan and deliver your project from inception to completion. If there is an element of a project I can’t personally handle, I collaborate with my partner network of skilled professionals: from graphic designers and software developers, to animators and videographers.

Chat to me about your project requirements and I will show you my unique solution to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

This is what I’ve done before

A selection of some of my best work

Little Giant


Little Giant is an innovative online portal providing fast, affordable and quality branding services to small businesses. I was involved in Little Giant from its inception, assisting in strategic development, writing the majority of the content, handling the social media etc.

Learn more

Corporate culture hack: The tech revolution thats’s transforming Absa


I was specifically identified as the writer to bring this exciting tale of corporate innovation and transformation to life. Centered around Absa’s exciting hackathon, this is the story of how Peter Rix, Absa’s Chief Technology Officer, is leading a technology revolution that’s changing the way the banking giant does business.

Learn more

The Transparent brand


An opinion piece that I wrote about transparency in branding and how it can lead to increased customer loyalty, or backfire quite spectacularly!

Originally written for the Little Giant website, this article has since been published on the Black Africa Group website.

Read it

Org Insight


Org Insight is a UK-based data analytics firm that required a custom built website and graphic elements, as well as highly-focused, strategically-driven content. This was also the first client I dealt with on a purely correspondence basis and a resounding success to this end!

Learn more

This is who I am

“Quite possibly the finest writer of his generation”


“A prodigy of the social media revolution!”


Not one to extol my own virtues, perhaps the kind words of my friends James King and Kyle Zuckerberg will convince you of my talents!

I guess this is the part where I tell you about my educational background (a Bcomm in Entrepreneurship and innovation from Stellenbosch University, followed by Honours in Brand leadership from Vega School of Brand Communications), my work history (Owen Kessel, Little Giant, Cerebra and the Black Africa Group) and my cat (Burmese, menace).

But what you really need to know is that I’m a young, contemporary writer, web developer and strategist with a passion for new ideas, thinking and approaches. The new generation doesn’t have time to waste and I’d rather get to the point in faster, more innovative ways than prance about with perfectly proportioned prose (though I’m more than capable of doing so).

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I love taking on new and challenging projects and conceptualising briefs!

Let’s start a conversation and allow me to show you what I can do for you.

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