Check out some of the projects I’ve been involved in below

Social media
  • Matt Edwards - Little Giant website project
    Little Giant website
  • Matt Edwards - In Association website project
    In Association
  • Matt Edwards - Shaheem Samsodien website project
    Shaheem Samsodien
  • Matt Edwards - Absa Stockbrokers website project
    Absa Stockbrokers
  • Matt Edwards - Org Insight website project
    Org Insight
  • Matt Edwards - Transparent Brand Article
    The Transparent brand
  • Matt Edwards - Stockholm Syndrome article
    Stockholm Syndrome
  • Matt Edwards - Heading for disaster at Bolt speed
    Heading for disaster at Bolt speed: the Tale of Telkom
  • Matt Edwards - laterale website project logo
  • Matt Edwards - Marypaint website logo
    Mary Edwards Specialist Paint Techniques
  • Matt Edwards - Leaf Services website project
    Leaf Services
  • Corporate Culture Hack