Project Description

A powerful trading platform for both amateur and professional stockbrokers

The Absa stockbrokers website was a real behemoth of a project. As the project manager at Black I was brought on to this job only at the latter stages, once the majority of the site had been built. However, the site itself was not where it needed to be at that stage, having exceeded the scoped project hours, with a lot of missing content and something of a dearth in strategic direction; I was called in to assist in getting the website finished quickly and efficiently.

Project overview


  • Highly-functional, custom web portal for the Absa Stockbrokers division
  • I was brought on to close off the project and finalise content


  • Assisting with the closure of a project that had run over hours and lost strategic direction
  • Developing and sourcing content to complete the build
  • Ensuring the project was completed quickly and corrrectly


  • I galvanised the project team and set immediate targets and objectives
  • We worked tirelessly to ensure all missing content was in place
  • I managed the team closely to meet our objectives on time

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