Project Description

An innovative online marketing and branding portal for small businesses

I was involved in Little Giant since its earliest days. Brought on as a project manager tasked with getting the site built, tested and launched, I was further required to take on many roles during the lifespan of the project. This included strategy, copywriting, systems testing, process development and much more.

I developed almost all of the copy and content on the site and am proud to have made a huge contribution to this highly innovative company.

I was also in charge of setting up and running (for a short period) the Little Giant social media channels.

I continued working for Little Giant for about a year, during which time I oversaw the build of most of the websites profiled on my site.

Project overview


  • A platform for small businesses to acquire affordable marketing and branding services
  • I was brought in to help launch and manage the business


  • Overseeing the site build from inception to completion
  • Managing costs, people and clients whilst simultaneously launching the business
  • Running operational aspects of the business after the launch


  • I carefully and conscientiously oversaw all aspects of the build
  • I kept close control over all the interconnected elements in the site build and subsequent launch to ensure success
  • I continued to follow this formula in managing the daily operations of the business

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