Project Description

A clean, aesthetically engaging small business website

Leaf Services is the company of Mrs. Ntombokuqala Nokulunga Mnqeta, a dynamic businesswoman dedicated to green initiatives for the betterment of South Africa. Working in collaboration with Openform, an East London based agency responsible for the design side of the build,  I built a very clean and engaging website to showcase the business.

Project overview


  • A simple, aesthetically-driven website for a small business
  • A collaboration between myself and Openform


  • Leaf Services’ company profile was supplied and I was required to develop content from this and subsequently build a wireframe to determine the layout and content structure for the site.
  • I was then required to build the site based on the design from Openform


  • I developed strategically-aligned, insight-led content from the company profile, before creating a wireframe based on this
  • Openform then developed a visual design based on my wireframe
  • I built the site using Openform’s final visual design

Why don’t you check Leaf Services’ website out for yourself?

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